Kisakurek Flowmeter

Kisakürek Flowmeter measures flow, pressure and temperature. It is designed to test performances of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic transmissions. With Kisakurek Flowmeter you can easily spot the hydraulic system faults, thus reduce time consuption for system problems and helping easy maintenance.

Kısakürek Flowmetre consists of an aluminum block, a digital display, a manometer and a loading valve.


Pressure Range
0-400 BAR | 0-6000 PSI. Glycerine filled pressure gage connected by a tube to the flow block. Accuracy is 1.5% of full scala. Viton seals compatible with oil, water/oil emulsion are fitted as standard.

10 – 400 (lt/min). Measured by the electronic count and axial turbine designed to minimize the effect of variation in temperature and viscosity. The digital display reads in pm. Accurarcy: 1% of full scala.

Inside and out 0/+ 120 °C. Sensed by a PT100 sensor in the oil flow for fast response. Temperature is displayed in degree Celcius. Accuracy: ± 1°C.

Port size

9 V battery, 18 x 25 x 43 mm. Duracell, HD type.

LCD Display
LCD 16x2 blue or green display. Larger displays can be fitted upon the request.

Turbine Block
High tensile aluminium block houses a six blade turbine rotating on a stainless steel bearing and shaft. Built in flow straigteners reduce flow turbulence and allows accurate flow measurement in both directions.

Loading Valve
The integral loading valve permits progressive pressure loading in either flow directions. It helps the simulation of working pressure when the machine is on operation.

Kisakurek Flowmetre 400 -> 210mm length, 220mm height, 110mm width, 6.5kg mass.

Flowmeter Types
1-400lt/min w/ loading valve.
2-400lt/min w/o loading valve.
3-800lt/min w/ loading valve.
4- 800lt/min w/o loading valve.